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Links for a day (Vol 6)

April 14, 2009
Faith No More 2009 ((c) Ryan James Terry

Faith No More 2009 ((c) Ryan James Terry

  • Could there really be Faith No More shows scheduled for New York? In an interview with metal magazine site Metalholic, Justin Foley from Boston-based band Killswitch Engage suggested that his band will be playing some dates with the reformed Faith No More in New York. Here’s the relevant extract: “Metalholic: Are you more into older stuff, or newer stuff or a combination? JF: Maybe older.  I guess there’s not too much stuff that’s very recent that I listen to a lot.  Actually, Faith No More.  I think part of it is because they’re in reuniting mode.  They’re doing some shows in NY, and they’re doing one that we’re on with them.”
    I’ll leave that to yourself to work out. All I know for certain is that Killswitch Engage are on the Download and Nova Rock bills with Faith No More so maybe there is some confusion from that.
  • We finally have some details on the Faith No More Finland date. As reported, the date is Wednesday 24 June with gates opening at 1630. Tickets go on sale next Monday 20 April from here and here.
  • I simply had to include the pic above from Ryan James Terry that I have seen on a few blogs now – Patton Archivio and A Thousand Points of Light. Wonder what the band make of it, especially Puffy?
  • I’ve been thinking of this quite a bit lately but Faith No More certainly seem to be reinventing how bands communicate with their fans with Bill and Roddy’s Twitter updates. It has not gone unnoticed with the Italian tech site reporting on the band’s web 2.0 approach, saying that while the new site is simple, almost bare,it links to MySpace, Twitter and Flickr and adds that Roddy and Bill are providing micromessaging almost in real-time of the band rehearsals.
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  1. ryan james terry permalink
    May 22, 2009 12:50 am

    hey, so some people think i am making them look too old. heres the reference materials i used.
    apologies to jon hudson at least.

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