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Getting it wrong

May 13, 2009

While we are all (I hope) huge Faith No More fans here, it it refreshing once in a while to hear a dissenting voice. After all, music appreciation is by its very nature a subjective thing. That said, it is also amusing when criticism is as completely cloth-eared as a recent post pre-reviewing the latest Faith No More greatest hists compilation on Blogcritics.

Here are some tasters to whet your appetite:
“Faith No More were never as big or as clever as they thought they were. And for a band who was supposedly so influential, how come their name was never mentioned from the day they split up in 1998, until they day they announced their reformation in 2009?”

“Like a lot of bands, their best music came early on in their career, and I’ve always had a lot of time for the Chuck Mosley albums.”

“[Post-Jim Martin] you were left with a rather pedestrian, alternative rock band, and the post Angel Dust offerings are fairly bland.”

I will be posting some more misguided Faith No More reviews over the coming weeks to keep things in perspective ahead of The Second Coming.

Note: I also hope to finally update the tour dates on the right today.

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  1. jradesquire permalink
    May 13, 2009 11:27 am

    Pedestrian!!! Post Angel Dust output Bland!!! Jesus i know music preference is individual & i really take no notice of critics as really it is one persons opinion & usually a Douch bag. I always judge for myself but really this guy is either Deaf , Probably Listening to something more interesting like Limp Dickspit or just taking the piss. FNM F**king Rule & that is why we love them! as for them not beng mentioned since they split up, HELLO every half arsed band from Lostprophets to Papa Roach & back to Limp Dickspit have always spazzed about how FNM were a major influence, shame none of them had even half the talent or writing chops that FNM have. This guy clearly has not got a clue what he is on about & deserves Absolute Zero Respect as a writer. I am old enough to have folowed FNM pretty much from the start & Chuck was great , & they were an awesome alternative band that became touched with Genius when Patton joined. Their entire body of work is incredible , no compramise & all shot through with a great sense of humour , & this is what some people just did not get about them. Their best music came early on in their career , jesus Ha Ha F**king Ha.

  2. Njele permalink
    May 13, 2009 3:52 pm

    I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if it gets revealed that the comments are made by an American critic. Because in America The Real Thing was the only good thing about Faith No More. That’s why they are not doing the U.S. tour, since the feel of their complete opus isn’t piercing through the wall of rigidity that is so well integrated into musical taste of average Americans. I always get surprised how very few people on the web say that The King For a Day… was their favorite album by FNM, or at least second favorite.
    My apologies to anyone who felt discriminated against by this post.

  3. May 13, 2009 7:04 pm

    This dude has never listened to ANY of the albums.

    Just my thought.

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