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Faith No More Brixton build-up vol.1

June 8, 2009
  • Brixton Academy have Tweeted the stage times for Wednesday’s gig – Faith No More’s first since 1998: FAITH NO MORE……………………….. – Stage times: Doors 7pm, Selfish Cunt 7:30pm, Faith No More 9pm, Curfew 11pm.
  • Roddy Tweets that FNM have landed in London.
  • Stubbadub have unearthed this great Italian magazine interview (translated into English) from November 1994. Sample quote (Mike “Puffy” Bordin): We didn’t even know if we were gonna make another record. It was very difficult, changing guitar players, and all the things that go on when you’re having down time. We wanted to make sure this record was absolutely the best record of our lives. This record, what you hear, is our blood, and it’s no joke. This is us saying if we only have one more record to make, how is it gonna be absolutely the best record? 100%, which it’s gotta be that way, you gotta do it like you mean it, you can’t bullshit around, you can’t be self­-satisfied and fat. You gotta do it like that. You got to. And that’s the only way to get a special result.”
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