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Faith No More at Rock in Idro: The Last Word

June 19, 2009

Set list: 1. Reunited, 2. The Real Thing, 3. From Out of Nowhere, 4. Land of Sunshine, 5. Caffeine, 6. Evidence (Italian), 7. Chinese Arithmetic (Poker Face), 8. Surprise You’re Dead, 9. Easy, 10. Ashes to Ashes, 11. Midlife Crisis, 12. Introduce Yourself, 13. Gentle Art of Making Enemies, 14. I Started a Joke, 15. King for a Day…, 16. Be Aggressive, 17. Epic. Encore: 18. Chariots of Fire/ Stripsearch, 19. We Care a Lot.

Highlight: Patton’s perfect Italian had the audience even more in the palm of his hand than usual and hs annointing of the crowd as judges in Italian Idol as he auditioned with Evidence in Italian (including the chorus unlike the previous Spanish version) brought the house down. His “I’m too old for this shit” drew laughs as the band returned for the encore.

Video: Check here and here.

Photos: Here as above for the video and a great black and white selection on Flickr and another wonderful colour collection on the same site. And another on Flickr.  And more.  And over 100 here from another Flickr user. Some truly great pics there.

Sample quote: “The curtain falls, with the regret of an ecstatic audience – still thirsting for Faith No More – conscious that they had seen one of those concerts that will be forever embedded in the memory of every lover of great rock music.”

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  1. June 19, 2009 9:31 pm

    I was there.
    Incredible show, Mike loves Italy, Italy loves him and FNM.
    A funny moment was when (before Chinese Arithmetic) Patton said that Bordin was masturbating and then simulated his orgasm 😀

    (sorry for my English)

  2. June 22, 2009 12:11 pm

    A Rock In Idro memory by two FNM-tourists from North:

    It was an extremely hot day, must have been at least 35 degrees celsius in the sun. Perfect weather, no clouds, just the burning sun. We walked 6 kilometers for nothing since they had changed the venue suddenly. The festival was supposed to be held at Lago Idroscalo, a big lake about 7 kilometers east from the Milan city centre. But after walking 2 hours we finally found a sign saying something in Italian about the festival. I asked a bystander, he confirmed the venue change, I ripped the sign from the wall, we jumped into a taxi, and I shoved the paper to the driver´s hand and asked him to take us there. The ride took about 30 minutes and cost us 61 euros. It wasn´t that funny then!

    The new venue was on the other side of Milan. It was called Palasharp and it was a small ice hall, or a small indoor arena if you will. The outside of the venue was crowded with food and drink booths and booths selling t-shirts. Apparently all the shirts sold out there were unofficial. We didn´t buy any so it´s cool.

    We grabbed a pizza and a few beers and slowly made our way in. I was really anxious to get on the floor and shove our way to the front. The heat and humidity inside the hall was incredible. With little effort we found our places on the second row left of the stage. Some metal core band was playing and people seemed to like it. A few other bands played and before Lacuna Coil we got into the front row, right where Roddy would be standing. Our place moved a little bit towards the center and we ended up where Billy´s microphone stand was going to be.

    Lacuna Coil came on and they got a pretty good response since they are an Italian band. There was no water supply from the security and safety personnel whatsoever and the heat was getting unbearable. When they had to carry some people away, dehydrated and unconscious, they finally realized that they have to take the “acqua”-screams from the audience seriously. The situation got a lot better when we got water to the front.

    Limp Bizkit came on with a bang and they got a huge response from the crowd. Fred Durst was wearing a Faith No More shirt. He mentioned FNM a couple of times and actually made the crowd sing the chorus of Epic at one point.

    Finally, after 5 hours of waiting, Limp Bizkit stopped and the FNM roadies came to do their work. The excitement was rising fast seeing all the gear being set up. Roddy´s keyboards, Puffy´s drum set with the nice new logo, Patton´s gadgets and microphones, etc. It all seemed to take forever though and the “Faith No More”-chants were frequent. 11-year long dream was about to come true and we couldn´t believe it!

    We knew it was getting close to showtime when we saw Billy crouching behind the drum-raiser and taking a photo of the audience. We yelled his name and he was smiling. Finally the house lights went off and we saw Roddy, Puffy, Billy and Jon take the stage.

    At first I thought Roddy would play some tune by himself as an intro, but it was so sweet when the rest of the band joined in. It was something slow, nice, and I actually thought that maybe it´s a new song for a second. Then Patton appeared from behind Jon´s Marshall stack. He had a crazy suit on, it was glowing almost metallic-like. He had his walking cane and he acted like an angry old man, spitting out some curse words by himself. At this point everybody in the hall was yelling and smiling like idiots, not the least including us.

    When the chorus of the song hit, I immediately recognized it and I couldn´t help but laugh with a great feeling. It was great to hear Roddy sing and Jon Hudson´s got his own mic now too. Patton´s singing was better than ever and he was immediately into the crowd, sporting his awesome showman skills.

    When The Real Thing started it was craziness. Everybody were shaking their asses and singing along with Mike, actually drowning him out at some bits. It was hot, it was sweaty, it was really loud and it was a dream come true.
    From Out Of Nowhere blew the roof off the place. The band was tight, Patton was singing his best in years and his voice sounded really powerful and “old-school”, no laziness or anything negative.

    Patton spoke Italian all through the show and the crowd loved it. He spoke between every song. I recognized a lot of curse words, something about American and Italian Idol before Evidence which he sung in Italian. At one point he asked the crowd in Italian for a “coffee pause, not even for a few minutes” which Roddy commented jokingly “That´s Spanish?”. The general feeling was light-hearted and yet the music spoke for itself. Roddy and Billy were pretty quiet throughout the show, which I understand, since Italian people don´t understand English.

    Highlights of the show: Reunited, The Real Thing, From Out Of Nowhere, Caffeine, Midlife Crisis with a big sing-along and the Popcorn whistled in unison by Patton and Roddy, Ashes To Ashes which Patton seemed the most into, Be Aggressive and Stripsearch.

    Random memory bits: At one point Patton sprayed a mouthful of water onto Puffy, which they both laughed about. Patton also spoke a lot of shit about Puffy in Italian when he stepped away from his drums to let a roadie fix something. After King For A Day they improvised the ending and apparently Puffy stopped too early. He was smiling to Patton sarcastically, saying sorry, and Patton just said “It´s OK” and smiled back. During the intro of Stripsearch Roddy said something to Patton or made some face to which Patton answered with the hand-motion of masturbation.

    Thanks Faith No More for coming back!

    • monaghanunited permalink*
      June 22, 2009 12:26 pm

      Great account. I was there too and it was very hot and poorly organised. Shame you didn’t learn about the change of location until late in the day. We had a post on it here.

      • June 22, 2009 5:21 pm

        Thanks! Well, now the horrible walk is just a funny memory and it was nice to see the park areas of Milan. But it was NOT funny on that Sunday! 😀 But damn, the show in the end of it all was the grand prize for all the suffering we all had to endure in the hall.

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