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Mike Patton at Meltdown in London

June 19, 2009

Injured or not, Mike Patton performed last night as part of the Meltdown festival in London curated by Ornette Coleman. Mike teamed up with Fred Frith and here is some reaction, via Twitter, from some people who were there:

  • Iain_Mc Mike Patton and Fred Frith at the Queen Elizabeth Hall was like the soundtrack to a really fucked up dream. I loved it.
  • PoodleWrestler Just got out from watching Mike Patton & Fred Frith at this years Meltdown! F*cking amazing!! Mad dreamscapes! Just brilliant!!!!
  • bekkibaby I’ve just met Mike Patton. Wow. And what a odd but good gig. Bloody good night. I like it I like it alot.

If any of our UK-based readers were at the gig, we’d love to hear your verdict.

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  1. Tara permalink
    June 19, 2009 8:19 am

    Last night was unreal. What a spaced out gig. I thought the stage was getting closer to me at one point. Music that gave me a natural high. It’s like nothing I’ve been to see before. Mike looked thrilled to be doing it. Great night from everyone. My friends and I met Mike after. I never thought I’d meet him in all my years of being a fan. What a nice guy!!

    • monaghanunited permalink*
      June 19, 2009 8:22 am

      Thanks for the comment and lucky you for meeting Mike. Was he actually singing or vocalising? Did he mention his injured leg?

      • Tara permalink
        June 19, 2009 8:54 am

        There wasn’t any banter on stage until the end where he did the thank you’s. They did the set, then came out for an encore. Then came out after that for more applause.
        He didn’t sing. Fred was on guitar and doing slight percussion. Mike had his table of gadgets and worked on that! He did do vocals but it was similar to stuff he’s done outside of FNM. Experimental vocals.
        A beat boxer guy came on near the end and he was amazing. It was mentioned that he worked for Meltdown, so he wasn’t with Mike. Mike looked really impressed with him. They had a great vocal duet thing where the beat boxer guy did his thing and Mike hit some insanely high notes. Definitely the highlight of the night.
        He didn’t mention his leg at all. He didn’t have a cane or any visible support. He walked from his table a lot, but as it was only a short distance I didn’t see a limp. When he left at the end though and walked across the stage he did limp bless him. It appears to be an injury that won’t upset any tour dates, but he might not be able to bounce around the stage as much!
        And when we met him after he was in great spirits. Happy to pose with everyone and chatted away. He was in no rush to leave, but the security made him. The security guys were cool as well though.

    • CliveBavels permalink
      June 19, 2009 9:07 am

      How/where did you meet him? Me and my girlfriend hung around the stage until the venue staff started clearing everyone out. To be honest I didn’t expect to get a chance to meet him, but I’m upset now that I know I could have!

      • Tara permalink
        June 19, 2009 9:14 am

        Outside the venue at the Artists exit door. There were around 10-15 people there including me and my friends.

  2. Serena permalink
    June 19, 2009 8:44 am

    It was an awesome show. Another guy joined Mike & Fred on stage… I didn’t catch his name, but he was beatboxing & vocalising as well. Mike was mainly creating soundscapes with his voice, alongside Fred’s insane guitar (think ping pong balls in an ashtray, and playing the guitar with paintbrushes). No mention of his injured leg, but he was limping a tad. He definitely seemed like he was enjoying himself on stage. I should have hung around to meet him… Tara is a lucky gal!

    • Tara permalink
      June 19, 2009 8:56 am

      I know a Serena that loves Mike and FNM! I’m assuming you aren’t that Serena though lol

      • Serena permalink
        June 19, 2009 7:09 pm

        Haha – um, no… but yes, we share all of that in common! 🙂

  3. Christa permalink
    June 19, 2009 9:47 am

    It was a weird, experimental show as I expected but utterly enthralling. Sinister lighting made it feel like musical version of a Sam Raimi film. The beat box guy was a great addition, I’d love to see him collaborate with Mike again. It was difficult not to just stare in awe at Fred, he’s a unique talent. I too met Mike after the show with Tara 🙂 Been a fan for twenty years and never thought I’d meet him so it was all slightly surreal and awesome. I was expecting him to leave without stopping but he was happy to have pics with the fans and seemed relaxed. THANK YOU MIKE!

  4. moochi permalink
    June 19, 2009 10:05 am

    the beatboxer’s name was Schlomo and he was amazing. He’s currently an artist in residence at the Southbank Centre.

    • Tara permalink
      June 19, 2009 11:11 am

      Mike did ask his name on stage and did repeat it but I couldn’t hear! He was amazing.

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