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Faith No More at Hurricane

June 22, 2009

First videos of Saturday’s gig are appearing. No news yet on set list, but will add and reviews later.
There are good galleries here on MTV and here (via tbeest).
The same blog has a short piece on the FNM set, saying it was the worthy conclusion of a beautiful day. It also quotes Mike’s opening words: “Mike Patton greeted the audience with the words “It’s good to be back after 12 fucking years” and then wanted to know: “Who has children? Who’s divorced?”.

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  1. angel permalink
    June 22, 2009 12:02 pm

    I was there and the crowd was more than decent. In the middle of midlife crisis, MikeP also said that The Pixies was the only good band before FNM. Said that in the part the crowd is suppose to sing the chorus, but I my throat was off after caffeine, couldn’t shout any more. Mike also said that the crowd was better than the band that night, and I agree. Anyway is amazing how Mike can stand many days in a row singing like that (was not the most brilliant nnight in terms of vocals anyway)

    As for the set list, an imprecise list not necessarily in proper order: reunited, land of sunshine, caffeine, evidence (espagnol), introduce yourself, Chinese arithmetic, Sweet dreams, epic, just a man, ashes to ashes (clearly the peak for the crowd), midlife crisis, cuckoo for caca, gentle art of making enemies. 1 st bis: Stripsearch with the crappy introduction, We care a lot. 2nd bis: a song from the 60’s, don’t know the name ‘one of our personal favorites said M’.

    Wonderful night, wonderful concert. The only thing I don’t get is how the band can include such crappy songs as introduce ysf, we care a lot, epic, leaving out of the set list master pieces as jizzlobber, smaller, all the fkn angel dust album more precisely. Digging the grave i guess they got bored with it, falling to pieces, out of nowhere, underwater love, etc.. could do much better than chinese arithmetic also. Well, a matter of personal likes in the end, as long as they are playing that set list because they enjoy playing, that’s good enough stuff. I’m going for my 2nd show tonight in Frankfurt, hope Mike’s voice do it again. Cheers FNM”s.

  2. angel permalink
    June 22, 2009 12:06 pm

    Forgot to say that Mars Volta were very impressive as well. Showed great music + originality + lot of character, I guess Mike was doing the honors to some German groupie at that point 🙂

  3. angel permalink
    June 22, 2009 12:11 pm

    + add Surprise you’re dead and Be aggressive to the set list

  4. Pantgirl permalink
    June 22, 2009 3:47 pm

    I was at the Hurricane festival and it was amazing. Pretty much got all the setlist there apart from “Easy” and “The Real Thing” was in there too. The LAST encore song was motherfucking “This Guys in Love with You” by Burt Bacharach! Legendary. Gutted we didnt get “As The Worm Turns”!

    Going to see them again in Edinburgh in August so hecka excited about that 😀

  5. tbeest permalink
    June 23, 2009 2:39 pm

    Setlist appeared also at, which is not yet complete:

    There they say: “The also played Chinese arithmetic with a new intro (not Poker Face)”

    So they played Sweet Dreams (not on This would also be new in the current tour, not?

  6. angel permalink
    June 23, 2009 4:30 pm

    no, my mistake, they didn’t play that one, i was sweet-dreaming myself I guess, didn’t really sleep much 🙂

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