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Faith No More in Frankfurt set list

June 22, 2009
Faith No More Berlin poster ((c) )

Faith No More Berlin poster ((c) )

Roddy has sent a Tweet: “fantastic show, thank you frankfurt.”
tbeest has delivered and provided the set list direct from Frankfurt. Here goes:
From Out of Nowhere
Land of Sunshine
Surprise You’re Dead
Last Cup of Sorrow
Cuckoo for Caca
Ashes to Ashes
Midlife Crisis
Introduce Yourself
King for a Day
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Be Aggressive
Just a Man
Encore 1:
Chariots of Fire/Stripsearch
As the Worm Turns
Encore 2:
Take this Bottle
Faith No More play their fifth German date of the Second Coming tour in which should be a special indoor show in Frankfurt.
I’ll have some updates later but the one and only tbeest is at the gig and promising to sendsome live updates via Twitter. Follow him here.

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  1. fatlims permalink
    June 22, 2009 9:23 pm

    was it a sell out gig?

  2. Keger32 permalink
    June 22, 2009 9:54 pm

    It was pretty packed, I just got home… The setlist is correct. I was surprised by Last Cup of Sorrow, and the final encore of Take this bottle. They certainly blew the top off the jahrhundrethalle!!! Pattons screechs actually overpowered the rest band at several points. The show was amazing. You can sense that they get along now, rather than when I saw them in 1993 and you could feel the tension between them.

  3. angel permalink
    June 22, 2009 11:16 pm

    1.40 show. Impressive. Was at hurricane but today was way better. And they manage to play As the Worm Turns, such a night! Just a man was the song for me today. German gang, you deserve some reward too :), you were amazing!

  4. Anzlezz permalink
    June 23, 2009 12:24 pm

    A bit off topic here but have anyone ‘overseas’ got their t-shirts yet? I ordered the minute the shirts was available and still they’re status is ‘processing order’

  5. tbeest permalink
    June 23, 2009 2:12 pm

    Back at home with some decent Internet again. Ow yes this was good, awesome. Just fantastic. I simply don’t speak English sufficient to express my feelings 🙂
    The German crowd was very relaxed when I arrived. Got in, got a t-shirt, got a beer and walked to the stage. The hall was still nearly empty. Even when Harmful started the hall was not nearly half full. I think the Germans are very relaxed, they were just late, or standing outside in the sun, or drinking beer.
    I like harmful, some more info here:
    Billy Gould produced a record for them and joined as a fourth member for a year… playing just normal guitar, not bass (yes I remember him telling this somewhere now). You can find Billy playing here:
    So the lead singer referred to that facts some times and dedicated one song (“This one if for Bill”), looking at the side of the stage, and later ginving a thumbs up to the side of the stage so I thing Billy was actually watching part of the set but I could not see him from my spot. Call it some decent alt rock with some nice uptempo songs I liked very much and also more metal like riffs. The crowd did really like it, but hey this band is from Frankfurt. I believe they had not played for two years and just
    The half hour wait for Faith No More was just looooong. The hall got quite full (don’t know if they sold out but it must have been close at least).
    But then they started in the dark which was really a magic moment. Then they did not play The Real Thing as I expected but started with From Out of Nowhere. I was standing at row 8 to 10 or so in the middle rigth before Mike… and then the crowd exploded. At least the first 10 to 15 rows or so. So how could I send updates with my phone from there! So this was heavy duty twitter-ing. With a phone I cannot handle quickly.., but hey it was fun. I thought it was a nice challenge to send some tweets, also because I like this site a lot and wanted to do a nice thing back (keep up the good work!).
    So the set was great, I also missed the Poker Face intro to Chinese Arithmetic which I expected. But they did play a most of my favorites. The German crowd was really fantastic with singing and jumping with a pit formed around each heavy song. With Cuckoo for Caca I totally went crazy because this is my favorite song so I dove into the pit and got wild and wet, and was happy they played Easy after it to catch some breath. Some people were even crowdsurfing during the set.
    On the setlist I really liked that they played Just a Man and if I remember well this song had a long outro with interaction between Mike and the public. I think King for a Day had a similar great outro if I remember well. Mike also sang Evidence partly in Portuguese.
    The band really enjoyed the party. Jon was cool as always, Roddy was very concentrated and sweating, Billy was working like a beast as always, Puffy was just damn decent good as ever, and Mike just proved again he is the best singer in the world (into my opinion). They really like playing at Frankfurt, since they made many jokes, talked to the public, smiled a lot… And they said something that they really liked it that we just came for them. I am not sure what they exactly said but it made me feel like they were happy to play on a non-festival gig with just fans again. I think Billy said something like that we knew the songs better than they did. And that we all still looked cute. I remember well Mike pointing towards my direction saying “Hey I still remember you….” and “you used to have a beard” (so that was not me I never had a beard haha 😉 More talking of Mike I cannot all remember, but just before the intro of the Chariots of Fire/Stripsearch he said something like “Do you want some heavy stuff? Okay this is the heaviest song we never wrote” starting off with this heavy intro (ai! ai! ai! ai!) changing into Chariots changing later into stripsearch. They played this part very well.
    About the limping: I did see Mike limping a little (not just at the beginning where it is a joke) but most of the set I just could not see it, he was just walking, jumping…
    They spoke some German during the set (Danke schön, thank you) and Mike replaced the “Happy birthday…fucker” in The Gentle art… with some German swearing (at that moment I though that the translation should have been something like “shithorses” in German).
    So this was my little update. So I was happy to see Roddy sending a tweet “fantastic show, thank you frankfurt”…. Wel..
    Fantastic show, thank you Roddy (and the rest 😉

    • monaghanunited permalink*
      June 23, 2009 2:15 pm

      Great stuff. Reallyappreciated your set list updates too. Glad you enjoyed the gig too.

  6. angel permalink
    June 23, 2009 4:06 pm

    hey tbeest, so you were the one ..:) excellent report, I’ll just add that at some point Mike ask the crowd what are they going to do after the show, he added he needed some ‘operation’ after the show. I guess there were plenty of volunteers… Also, in case you follow this page -the girl fighting with an asshole that thought he needed to use his arms to show some superiority or whatever stupid reason- in the 2-3rd row in front of Mike, just to say that you deserve some reward too, showed class and character 🙂

  7. ColinG permalink
    June 23, 2009 8:33 pm

    It was a great gig. I flew from Ireland just to catch it.
    They sounded fantastic, seemed like they were having a great time.
    I got in to the second row straight in front of Roddy; I will echo the relaxed air around mentioned by a poster. I thought I was pretty late but strolled straight up there.
    It was great to see the camaraderie between the band members. Although I saw Mike P was not happy with Roddy’s off key intro to Be Aggressive. I agreed with Mike!

    My ears were buzzing and left elated. I wish I could catch them again..
    They sound better than ever in my opinion

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