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Links for a day… (vol.22)

July 20, 2009
  • Xtreme Music – where music meets spirituality – have a new publication The Spiritual Significance of Music Metal Edition. It features a short interview on the subject with Bill Gould. Full interview here. Sample quote: “I haven’t been able to observe any positive correlation between the quality of music and the spirituality of it’s performers.”
  • The Philip Freeman book Sound Levels which features an in-depth (around 17 pages) article on Mike Patton is now available to download online for £3.56 at Lulu. The article largely focuses on Fantomas and Patton’s creative process and is certainly recommended for Patton fans.  Sample quote: “A lot of people assume that if I’m doing something that isn’t ‘fuck you’ from top to bottom, then I’ve lost my edge, or there’s nothing interesting about what I’m doing anymore.”
  • Some nice Facebook pics of Faith No More in Helsinki.
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  1. Jane permalink
    July 20, 2009 5:19 pm

    Somewhat unrelated, but still: According to this two week old Norwegian article Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age is working on getting Mike P to work with him on some top secret project out in the desert – it’s just that Mike supposedly hates the desert. This is all, according to the article, confirmed by Greg Werckman of Ipecac Records.

    The article tells of a new supergroup project of Homme’s, involving Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin (!). It doesn’t say whether this is the same project where Patton is supposed to be involved (or at least wanted), but at least it sorta implies it. Pretty cool.

    Link to the article (in Norwegian):

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