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Sziget: Fan View

August 19, 2009

Cheers to szappan for this:

“Mini Sziget write-up for those interested.

I’ve been to MANY FNM shows, and this Sziget 2009 performance is near the top of that list.

I think the tone for the night was set with Mike’s vocal-effects box messing up during Last Cup of Sorrow, he frustratedly fiddled with it between screams to the side of the stage… but when it started loudly crackling into the main audio he just grabbed it off it’s stand, angrily pulled out all the wires and threw it on the ground… then he disconnected one of his mics and threw it at the soundstage… the one in the middle of the audience! If that wasn’t enough, their next song was Cuckoo for Caca… very aggro night. (Mike later put the effect’s box back together.)

Footage here:

Don’t miss the Mike’s wearing a pantie and security guard surf during Midlife Crisis:

Shoelace (funny to see the rest of the band’s expression in real life):

Going after camera (during Stripsearch):

(short version)

All in all, well… Roddy summed it up best in his tweet… very raw night.”

And from me, here’s the set list for the record:
Set list:
From Out of Nowhere
Land of Sunshine
Surprise! You’re Dead!
Last Cup of Sorrow
Cuckoo for Caca
Midlife Crisis
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
King for a Day
Ashes to Ashes
Be Aggressive
Just a Man
Chariots Of Fire/Stripsearch
Digging the Grave

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  1. szappan permalink
    August 19, 2009 6:47 pm

    WOW!!! I’m both shocked and honored that you would make my little comment a post of it’s own! Thank you! >:D<

    FNM are already such an incredible band, but having a frontman like Mike, and it's not just his voice, it's his live performance and persona… I honestly can't think of any modern frontman that is on par with him.  The guy had the entire audience in the palm of his hand and it's like it's second nature to him.

    Honestly, if shows like this one (and other amazing footage I've seen) don't convince the guys in FNM that their music is still relevant AND sorely missed then I don't know what it'll take.  These guys are the complete package, from their unique music to their live performance. It's all genuine and there's simply nothing else like them.

    I don't know what it was like behind me, but up front where I was?  A little crazy. And I wouldn't have been anywhere else in the world that night – "smiles… bruises."

    • monaghanunited permalink*
      August 19, 2009 9:23 pm

      Cheers for all the info. Also good to get different views than my own.

  2. Deframe permalink
    August 19, 2009 8:32 pm

    This may be a little controversial but what I’ve heard of the Sziget performance I haven’t particularly enjoyed. Mike P pretty much decided that singing was out the window and just screamed and made noises all night, similar to how he performed towards the end of the AOTY tour. It may have been aggressive, raw, powerful and whatever else but it’s not a particularly enjoyable thing to listen to. Experiencing it first hand would obviously be different but still somewhat dissapointing, at least for me.

    • monaghanunited permalink*
      August 19, 2009 9:26 pm

      I can see your point even if I don’t fully agree. In Prague Mike was putting the mic into his mouth during the I See You refrain in Stripsearch. I suppose if you do the same songs repeatedly on a live tour you would be inclined to change things a little for variety’s sake. Mike’s non-FNM work has obviously seen him experiement a lot on vocalising and harnessing the voice as an instrument so one of the many interesting aspects of any new album would be how would this be incorporated if at all. This tour has also shown that he is arguably better now than ever as a classical vocalist – witness the I Started a Joke example above as proof.

    • Ken-D permalink
      August 25, 2009 1:52 am

      Yeah, I have to agree..(luckily sometimes only it’s true though) When he gets to that point, that he almost ruin the song, singing w/ “over-screams/noises” seems like he’s soooo fed up, that he’s almost just joking around…surely there has to be more ppl agreeing w/ that…

      I can understand that singing/playing (the other guys plays the same too, gig after gig, without messing around) the same songs over and over again and again would getting on the nerves..absolutely!..but hey…here we go again…”How about a lil set lists variations??” Wouldn’t that be Great?? For All of Us!!

      (Hmmm…I wonder how that pantie smelled like…?)

  3. Miss Chievous permalink
    August 20, 2009 12:06 pm

    Great thanks to sharing this incredible news !!

  4. Djordje Trikosh permalink
    August 20, 2009 6:58 pm

    I am not sure at all what happened there…but that was frantic night!!!

    Did we all intend same…?

    Mike Patton…
    maybe the highest live music I’ve ever experinaced..
    Mike Patton…
    He knows what he is doing every moment, that is great…
    Meanwhile, he enjoys???
    I dont whant to say he is genious, but his talent…let me think he is not trying to make something with his talent.. he is just-a-man uses it to show itself purpose. Rolling in his own ego…like that so much, that is honest. He is confessing… Pure expresion…
    I was lucky to felt even his own shyness when he cursed me in one moment up from stage…

    I felt the same… It is amazing when somebody has capability, aptitude to get you up, to provoke, irritate, even make you fell abased, humiliated.
    Being aware with all that feelings after party over, that is something deep, something we should all be pride of…

    What is the best: Patton uses “a-gentle-art” for debunking people’s half animal side!!! We were all burned to the -Angel-Dust, it was A-Real-Thing…

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