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Faith No More at Pukkelpop video

August 21, 2009

A little video

No news on set list or on the injury to the stage diver. More later.

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  1. August 21, 2009 9:32 am

    Tonight: Fake no more (dutch tribute to Faith no more) meets Faith no more @ Lowlands festival Netherlands.

    After brief mail contact with Billy Gould we were asked to come over and join them for a vieuw hours @ the backstage area.

    To be continued.

    • August 21, 2009 3:57 pm

      Good news chaps,enjoy… We are Englands finest tribute “Faith No Man” ( we did the same @ download this year (through contact with Mike p and roddy through a contact at SPDA) All 5 of the members are great guys!!

    • August 21, 2009 8:53 pm

      Nice! Keep us posted…

      (Tof optreden op LL trouwens, Patton was op dreef. Kon hetzelfde maar gezegd worden van het publiek;)

      • August 21, 2009 10:47 pm

        Ja gig op lowlands was erg gaaf. Tijdens het optreden van the prodigy gesproken met billy gould die ons mee wilde nemen naar de backstage area, alleen de strenge security wilde niemand doorlaten… Toen een kwartier staan praten tot hij zijn eten op had en nogal uitgeput terug liep…

        Maar wel onze merch. en cd meegegeven en een leuk voorstel gedaan… wie weet wat hier nog uit voortkomt…


  2. August 21, 2009 9:50 am

    Hope someone managed to rip that broadcast stream ! 🙂

  3. August 21, 2009 10:43 am

    FNM set Pukkelpop
    1. Reunited
    2. Land Of Sunshine
    3. Caffeine
    4. Evidence (with some Portugese)
    5. Surprise! You’re Dead
    6. Last Cup Of Sorrow
    7. Easy
    8. Midlife Crisis 
    (MP goes to audience, when a guy makes a bad stagedive) 
    9. Tune ‘Popcorn’ (and after a few moments MP goes back on stage and finishes Midlife Crisis)
    10. Epic 
    11. RV 
    12. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
    13. King For A Day
    14. Ashes To Ashes (short version)
    (MP makes fun about the ‘special people’ in the front row: ‘You belong in the zoo’)
    15. Just A Man
    (MP goes to audience, fights a bit with some, and let some sing into the microphone) and he spits into the camera) 

    16. olé olé, we are the champions (with megaphone)
    17. Theme From Chariots Of Fire 
    18. Pristina
    19. We Care A Lot

  4. Denis permalink
    August 21, 2009 11:13 am

    That was Stripsearch, not Pristina. Thanks for the setlist though

  5. August 21, 2009 12:31 pm

    There’s two video on YouTube from the live stream (4 songs). The guy says he will upload the rest later.

    Also, Roddy says on his Twitt that the diver has a broken chin… ouch, that hurts.

    I’ve also heard from a guy who was there, that Mike P. was kinda pissed off by the “VIP” standing in the front of the stage, and had some “strong” interaction with them.

  6. Jenna permalink
    August 21, 2009 1:52 pm

    Roddy said about the stagediver: “omG, peoples! the bear took down the vulture hands DOWN! no contest. ps. the ‘jumper’ is ok. fractured chin & lotsa blood…phew.”

    Husband of Roddy said: “Dude tried to stage dive, missed the crowd, smashed his head on the rail. Patton stopped and got down to help him. Lots of blood.”

    Wow. People nowadays…What a bunch of piss-heads. (the crowd, not the stagediver)

  7. Nick permalink
    August 21, 2009 2:52 pm

    Just before the 3 minute mark the guy stage dives , you can’t see it happen , but if you concentrate on Jon , you can see that he saw it happen , doesn’t seem to love what he saw haha .

    the uploader of this video has the whole set on youtube and the audio is great

  8. August 21, 2009 3:00 pm

    On this one : you can see it at 3:20 , from the web broadcast (pro-shot). However, the audio is a bit out of sync with video…

    Ouch, says Mike P.

    • Snotty permalink
      August 21, 2009 7:41 pm

      On this one at 2’40 you can see the BIG jump, ouch …

      • August 22, 2009 7:10 pm

        OMG. I don’t see anything to say…

        That’s really stupid, really need to be drunk as hell to think you can jump this without hurting yourself… And what if he had jumped far enough to reach the crowd ? I guess seeing a guy falling on you that way, the only thing to do is to step back… And let him break his chin on the floor…

  9. August 21, 2009 8:55 pm

    You are right! Sorry for the confusion. It was indeed Stripsearch.

  10. Jerredk permalink
    August 22, 2009 6:39 pm

    Dear Faith No More fans,

    Maiby you saw some of my video’s, I had the whole concert on YouTube, recorded of the Live Stream. K. posted all ready some of my video’s here.

    They where “HQ” video’s recorded of the Skynet-Live stream. More then 1 houre of concert (1 houre 10 minuts to be correct) with every extra song included the spit and kiss part.

    I had splitted the whole concert in 10 parts to show you by YouTube.

    A couple of minuts a go, I had a message of the Pukkelpop TV Team. They claimed the copyrights and I had to remove the video’s of YouTube.µ

    I worked hard to show them to you.

    I still got the concert on video on my computer.

    If you got extra questions please visit my YouTube profile: Jerredk14.

    Hopefully you don’t matter it to hard, and hopefully can I help to give it to you.

    Respect to FNM and all his fans,

    With greets from Belgium and excuses for bad English,

    • Ken-D permalink
      August 26, 2009 2:46 pm

      – I’ve to say that U seems to be a very polite FNM fan indeed! 🙂 THX for your hard work! Very Appreciated! –

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