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Links for a day…(vol. 30)

August 24, 2009
  • Manchester band Oceansize will support Faith No More at their Edinburgh Corn Exchange gig on Tuesday night. More here. (via tbeest)
  • Following on from the Faith No More entry we highlighted some weeks ago, here is the Uncyclopedia (satirical version of Wikipedia) entry for Mike Patton. (via Amanda on Twitter)
  • Via Stubbadub, Soundwave festival tickets go on sale this week. More here.
  • News of the sale of the official posters from the second leg of the Second Coming tour from Inside the Rock Poster Frame site. They will be on sale at the Secret Serpents Store from 9 September from 10am PST.
  • Slayer’s Dave Lombardo has not ruled out working with Mike Patton in the future. From an interview reproduced at Blabbermouth, sample quote: “Are you still involved with Mike Patton? Lombardo: No, but that door has never completely shut. Me and Mike will work together in the future, I believe, if schedules permit. He’s great, I love his music, all of the stuff that we’ve done. There’s always a chance.”
  • I stumbled upon this old interview with Mike Patton from Raw magazine on 27 June 1990. Sample quote: “I think I’ve already come close to being a tortured artist and it’s boring.” From the old Stripsearch fan site.

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